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Specification of PJU Light E

Tiang PJU E - CV.Dyan Anugerah Pertiwi Is a company engaged in manufacturing light poles. With a variety of types and models, according to the place to be illuminated such as roads, parks, housing, hotels, restaurants and others. Light poles made with alloys of iron pipes and ornaments made of cast metal complete with beautiful paint colors, make the lamppost look beautiful in the daytime and bright at night.

We provide various types of Light Poles and Metal Casting

Garden Light Pole
Housing Light Poles
PJU Light Poles
Antique PJU Pole
Galvanized PJU Pole
Octagonal PJU Pole
PJU Sollar Cell pole
Antique Light Poles
Classic Light Poles
Minimalist Light Poles
Solar Light Pole
Wall Light Pole
Decorative Lighting Pole
CCTV Camera Pole
Round Pole
Telkom Electric Pole
Iron Electric Pole
Decorative Light Poles
High Mast
Metal Casting

We produce light poles with guaranteed product quality and a professional workforce that is certainly experienced. Light pole products that are certainly good, beautiful, and durable. Receive bookings in cities and outside major cities.

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