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Antique Light PJU
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Antique street lighting poles or antique Pju poles are specially designed light poles according to your wishes. Specially designed models and types of light poles can adjust the place as you wish. For those of you who have a garden but haven't had time to take care of it, start by installing a minimalist garden light pole. The light pole has a main function namely, for lighting and lighting public spaces. However, the light poles are not only for street lighting or parks but can also add decorations that give a beautiful and more attractive impression, making us comfortable and safe. With various choices of models, types, and sizes according to your wishes.

We make and produce various types of lampposts according to your wishes. Receive special designs of various sizes, also serve orders in small or large quantities,, in cities and outside big cities. Reliable, easy ordering, fast manufacturing, low prices with guaranteed product quality.

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