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Antique DPR Light Pole
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Antique light poles are the need for lighting in public spaces such as parks and roads. In the arrangement of parks and roads, the design of the light pole must be included in the planning completed with the calculation of the volume of lumens of light needed.
Therefore, the product of lampposts for public spaces is not made solely as lighting alone, but can also decorate parks and roads that must consider optimal aesthetic values ​​and lighting functions.
The need for lighting poles for your garden and street lighting we are the most appropriate solution for manufacturing lighting poles to your liking, because we make and produce light poles with guaranteed quality material that is durable and anti-rust, fast workmanship, trusted and relatively inexpensive prices.
Our cv.dyan grace is the factory of lamp poles such as antique light poles, garden light poles, pju light poles, antique pju light poles, decorative garden light poles, minimalist garden light poles, decorative garden light poles, octagonal light poles.

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